Air Brake Course

A 16 hour classroom and 4 hour practical course to prepare the student to write the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Branch exam for an endorsement 15 on a valid B.C. driverís license. Course includes Air Pre-Trip, brake adjustment, introduction to ABS brakes, rapid air build systems for fire apparatus as well as MVB practical exam.

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Air Brake Refresher Course

a three hour course designed to bring drivers with an air brake endorsement up to date with current systems: a review of the dual air systems, and the importance of an air pre-trip, an introduction to ABS brakes and their proper use, proper adjusting procedures for Automatic Slack Adjusters, benefits of brake stroke indicators.  This is a certificate course requiring an 80% grade on a test.

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Driver/Operator Theory Course

a eight hour classroom course for apprentice drivers.  The course follows the prescribed ICBC program for commercial drivers and prepares the student to write the knowledge test to qualify for a commercial learner's license.  It covers basic truck systems, relation between speed, weight and brakes, the effects of balance in driving larger vehicles, turns and cornering with larger vehicles as well as driving diesel engines and electronic transmissions, driving in a safe area.  It also includes load security and hours of service regulations for an unrestricted commercial driver's license.

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Driver/Operator Evaluation

a one on one driver road test that covers truck pre-trip inspection, proper driving techniques as well as observation of the rules of the road relating to truck operations and defensive driving skills.

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Coaching the Maintenance Vehicle Operator

a 4 1/2  hour defensive driving course produced in cooperation with the National Safety Council.  This course is specifically designed towards those operators of construction type equipment and road maintenance equipment.  It addresses issues at the work site as well as driving on the road.

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Snowplow Safety

a video presentation that deals with collision issues in the operation of snow removal equipment.  This course, produced in cooperation with the National Safety Council, is ideally suited for training newly hired snowplow operators or as a refresher for experienced operators.

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Coaching the Utility Truck Driver

a 4 hour defensive driving course produced in cooperation with the National Safety Council.  This course is specifically designed towards the utility industry: hydro, cable, telephone, and gas.  The program follows a non-lecture format and covers on-site safety measures as well as on the road.

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Driver Pre-Trip & Air Brake Refresher Course

This 5 hour course covers the important issues surrounding a proper and legal pre-trip inspection including an air pre-trip.  It also takes the experienced driver into the world of new technology including air dryers, automatic slack adjusters, long stroke brake chambers, anti-lock brake systems, safe downhill braking techniques, operating new generation diesel engines, on board computers and much more.  This course is a must for those who want to bring their knowledge up to date with modern technology.

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Mobile Equipment Air Brake Course

This FRONTLINE designed course revolves around specifics to air brake systems that are found on off highway equipment that is used in industry today.  The course length is approximately 4 hours including the practical hands on portion.  It is unique in so far as the course can be delivered on site using equipment that operators are going to be exposed to in the course of their work.

This course meets and exceeds the requirements for the Workers' Compensation Board regulations Section 16.4 (1)(c).  Upon completion of the course and a multi-choice test the student is granted a wallet size certificate to identify his/her achievement.

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