Precision Skills Training - Instructional Program

An on-hands program for firefighters who would like to help to properly train fellow firefighters in their own department to drive fire apparatus.  This course gives the in-house instructor the basic skills and knowledge required to convey and instruct a course to meet the NFPA Driver/Operator Standard 1002 as well as on-the-road training.  One set of Driver training videos also included per department.

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Driving in the Rural Fire Department Self-Instructional Video Course

Canadian Produced for Canadian Firefighters

A defensive driving course that enhances a driver / operator's knowledge on the legal and practical aspects of operating fire department vehicles through a video presentation and workbook exercises designed to familiarize the firefighter / driver with modern day apparatus and problems relating to their operation.

Upon successful completion of the enclosed test which is forwarded to Frontline for correction, a certificate of achievement will be forwarded to all students that attain a score of 80% or better.

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Fire Department Driving Instructor's Program

This program is designed to give instructors the basics behind coaching drivers through a training exercise to meet the NFPA Standards 1002, 1451 and 1500 and to meet the objectives of identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks of operating fire department vehicles. It covers the need to do training through the various regulations that affect the fire service as well as important issues regarding the operation of heavier vehicles in the fire service.

The entire course program covers 2 days at the end of which instructors will have the knowledge to carry on with a driver training program in their respective departments or areas. Through theory and hands on exercises, instructors will learn specific techniques to help them train drivers thoroughly and safely in the operation of fire department vehicles.

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