Basic First Aid

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  • Basic First Aid CPR-C
    Course Length 1 Day
    Time 9:00am-5:00pm
    Red Cross
    Responding to Emergencies
    Check, Call, Care
    Barrier Device/Pocket Masks
    Choking Adult/Child/Baby
    CPR Adult/Child/Baby
    Angina, Heart Attack, Stroke
    Assisting with Medications
    Deadly Bleeding
    Secondary Survey
    Wound Care
    Head & Spine Injuries
    Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries
    Sudden Medical Conditions
    Environmental Emergencies

    Enhance your life-saving abilities with comprehensive first aid training. Our courses cover CPR, basic life support, heart and stroke care, catering to both health care providers and individuals. Become proficient in essential skills through expert-led instruction, ensuring you’re prepared to handle emergencies confidently. Enroll now to gain vital knowledge and certification in the world of first aid.