Front Line Training

Front Line Training

Intermediate First Aid


Unlock Life-Saving Skills at Frontline Training

Embark on a journey to acquire vital first aid skills at Frontline Training. Our courses cover CPR, life support, and specialized care for emergencies. Our expert-led training ensures confidence in critical situations.

Red Cross Certification

At Frontline Training, we adhere to global standards, offering up-to-date training in essential techniques. Our certification validates your skills and commitment to high-quality care, ensuring you’re well-prepared to respond effectively in emergencies.

Swift Response in Emergencies

Learn quick and effective response strategies to navigate diverse scenarios with competence. Our training emphasizes the importance of swift action and provides you with the skills to assess situations, identify emergencies, and take appropriate action promptly.

Structured Approach with “Check, Call, Care”

Our systematic approach optimizes outcomes in emergencies by ensuring prompt and appropriate care. The mnemonic “Check, Call, Care” guides your response, helping you assess situations, call for assistance, and provide necessary care with confidence and efficiency.

Barrier Devices and Choking Interventions

Master the use of barrier devices and techniques to address choking incidents across all age groups. Our training equips you with the skills to maintain effective ventilation and minimize disease transmission during CPR, ensuring the safety of both the rescuer and the victim.

Comprehensive CPR Training

Gain proficiency in CPR for adults, children, and infants through rigorous instruction and hands-on practice. From proper chest compressions to rescue breaths, our comprehensive training prepares you to perform CPR confidently and effectively in various emergency situations.

AED Operation and Cardiovascular Emergencies

Learn to operate AEDs effectively and recognize cardiovascular emergencies like heart attacks and strokes promptly. Our training provides you with the knowledge and skills to deploy AEDs as part of a coordinated emergency response, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

Assisting with Medications and Managing Bleeding

Acquire skills to administer medications safely and manage severe bleeding in emergencies. Our training covers proper medication administration techniques and teaches you how to control bleeding effectively, ensuring timely and appropriate care for the injured.

Comprehensive Assessment and Wound Care

Conduct thorough surveys and learn effective wound care techniques for diverse emergency scenarios. Our training empowers you to assess injuries accurately and provide appropriate wound care to prevent infection and promote healing.

Empowering Individuals, Building Resilient Communities

Our Intermediate (Standard) First Aid course equips you to make a positive difference in emergency situations. By enhancing your knowledge and skills, you’ll be ready to respond effectively to a wide range of medical emergencies, contributing to the safety and preparedness of your community. Enroll now at Frontline Training and take the first step towards unlocking life-saving skills and building a safer, more resilient community.

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