Front Line Training

Front Line Training

Why should you take the 1001 Level 1 and 2 program through The Western Institute of Emergency Education? 

It’s Simple.. The WIEE prides itself in offering the best training and education in all its programs through experienced instructors, state of the art simulation equipment and quality hands on experiences. We are professionals training professionals. 

Our program is spread out over 14 weeks. Over 50% of the program is delivered online through our LMS with access to our Instructors weekly for questions and support. You only need be onsite and in-person for 5 weeks spread out over the 14 week program. You also have the option to spread your theory out. you can work at your own pace over a 1 year period should you wish to do so. 

With over 100 years of frontline medical and fire experience on our staff, you will have access to multiple resources and experiences to help guide you and get you ready to enter the work force. 

Affordable and Funded:

The Professional Fire program at the WIEE is an affordable price that is also funded by the Provincial and Federal Government. 

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