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Front Line Training

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PALS Blended Provider - June 26, 2024 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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What makes our PALS program ideal for your professional needs
You will be able to practice and train in dynamic role-playing situations that mirror real life and that will help you in your role as a healthcare provider. You will be introduced to a wide range of life-threatening, all-hands-on-deck scenarios involving pediatric patients experiencing respiratory emergencies, shock and cardiopulmonary arrest in which you apply a systematic approach that includes the evaluate-identify-intervene sequence. The goal is to strengthen your ability to recognize, intervene, communicate and work effectively as a critical member of a healthcare team.

Heart & Stroke’s PALS program, based on the 2020 Guidelines, provides hands-on learning that builds on your Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, teaches you when and how to use the latest treatment recommendations for your patients, and takes your skills as an advanced healthcare provider to the next level.

PALS courses now available in two learning formats
Depending on your proficiency in PALS skills and knowledge, you have two unique course options to choose from – PALS Provider and PALS Provider Blended.

Both courses are offered in two learning formats: the more traditional classroom-based teaching led by one of our instructors; or the blended learning format in which you delve into parts of the curriculum on your own time and at your own pace and then take the instructor-led, in-classroom component when you’re ready. You can choose the format that suits your learning style best.

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