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Front Line Training

Psychological First Aid

Red Cross Psychological First Aid Course


The Red Cross psychological first aid course allows you to develop an understanding of how loss, trauma, stress, and grief can affect people. You will also learn about self-care and personal protection for a variety of situations, all based on circumstances you could encounter.

We use the Red Cross model: Look, Listen, Link, Live for our psychological first aid. Edmonton and area participants use this model to learn resilience in the face of stress to better provide emotional and social support. We use an evidence-based approach with research gathered from around the globe. We will also provide you with numerous real-life cases to help you relate to the information.

Who Should Take Psychological First Aid?

All professional responders, whether you’re in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Vermilion or the surrounding areas, are advised to take psychological first aid. We are also able to adapt the material for young people and workplace training.


You can take a 16-hour in-class course or a blended course consisting of 8 hours of online learning and 8 hours in class.

What Are the Prerequisites for Psychological First Aid?

Participants should be at least 18 years old.
If you are interested in the blended option, you will need to take the Psychological First Aid – Self-Care online course before the in-class course.

Recognized by:

  • The Alberta College of Social Workers
  • The Alberta College of Paramedics (Can be used for Continuing Competency)
  • Alberta Health Services


Option 1: Attend the two day classroom delivery and 100% participation in the in-class course.

16 Hours Classroom Time

Option 2: Attend 1 day of classroom delivery in addition, you will also need to successfully complete the Self Care online module and the Caring for Others online module. In either case, you will receive a three-year certification in Psychological First Aid.

8 Hours Online / 8 Hours of Classroom Time.

What Does the Course Cover?

During the course, you will learn:

  • Operational principles for administering psychological first aid.
  • Dealing with stress, loss, grief, and trauma
  • Identifying indicators
  • Working with vulnerable populations
  • Communication tactics
  • Remaining resilient
  • Steps to take for self-care and protection
  • Policies and legislation
To an extent, we can adapt the course content and discussions according to the participants. For more information, please call us.

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